Man, I am terrible at updating this blog. For those wondering why all of the continued radio silence- I have been keeping people informed via Discord, mostly out of convenience. As the updates are mainly smaller incremental updates, I’ve been posting them as they happen instead of here collected on the blog. Nevertheless, they do need to be on the blog as well.

Anyways, as I promised, the game is indeed slated to be coming out soon. International soft launch will be in January, meanwhile the pre-registration page should be going up on Nutaku around the same time, if not sooner. Some systems such as the lovers system and lore system may need to be finished during softlaunch, but the core game is done. We’re just putting on the last couple of tweaks and making sure everything is stable before we go ahead and launch!

Oh yeah, by the way- our main priority now is a smooth and timely launch. As such, Kimochi backer rewards will sadly have to come at a date after launch. Worry not, we haven’t forgotten about you guys though! It’s unfortunate that it’s taken so long and been such a journey to get to where we are, but we’ll make sure you guys will be compensated and all rewards delivered. You have my permission to yell at me in Discord until we have.

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