New Features, New Characters, New Story Elements!

I’m aware there’s been radio silence for a while, but the good news is that development’s actually undergone a somewhat official second wind during that time. Nutaku’s given us the green light to go ahead and re-add and improve some of the features we promised all the way back during the Kimochi campaign that were going to get cut. Unfortunately, that means that launch is delayed until the end of this year/early next year. Thankfully, there’s plenty of content you guys will get in exchange such as-


Unique Gals obtained via story and gachapon are now back! Originally they had been cut so that we could make our Summer launch, but given the second wind in terms of development they will be back for our Winter launch!

Additionally, for those already familiar with certain story NPCs such as Betti the Sheti and Amala the Superior, these Gals will be unlocked and join the player at the appropriate time in the story, just like originally intended! We will also be working with backers to finish up their custom Gals and get them in by launch.



While CGs were originally never intended to be used in the game, their addition proved to be incredibly popular as well as fun to work on. Because of this each unique Gal will also come with her own selection of CGs which can be unlocked by levelling them up!



People have been requesting an “avatar” feature, despite the fact that our game’s protagonist is fixed. In order to maintain our narrative vision, but allow our players to have a choice, players can now choose from a couple of NPCs to have them act as a “helper.” Jonah is the default helper and is representative of him working by himself, but the other characters will appear to the lower right part of the screen during gameplay and provide a bonus.

This is just a peek of things to come as there will also be lore unlocks, consumable items that do things, unique VIP client visitors, and some updates to the quest system! As always, feel free to join us in our Discord if you want to send us some feedback to have a sneak peek at features ahead of time.

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