Leaps and Bounds

The fans on our Discord have been kept well up to date with the small and big strides that have been made recently. I’ve been meaning to update the blog as well, but I became ill the past week and never got around to it. Unfortunately, me becoming ill has also hindered the progress of the game, given that our lead developer JimmyJihn has also been temporarily unavailable.

Despite this, the changes which have been made since the last update have been pretty major in terms of overall polish and stability.

This .gif is a bit old by now, but it still gets across the idea. We were getting a lot of feedback from our focus testers that it was difficult to tell which rooms were currently being made use of and where their Gals were. As brothels grew larger, the game became more hectic and unreadable. To this end we’ve now dimmed out inactive rooms and only highlight rooms which will be actively used.

Gal pathfinding is basically officially dead at this point though- which might come as a bit of a shock to many. Basically, one of the biggest issues which has delayed launch is the fact that the pathfinding has lead to some serious glitches. The frustrating part is that the pathfinding wasn’t broken and would work 80% of the time, it’s just that the other 20% was enough to break the game. Clients will still pathfind so there will still be an “antfarm” aspect to the game, but assigning and hiring Gals will now automatically teleport them where they need to go.

Sure, it doesn’t work like that in games like Fallout Shelter, but the change means that the players’ actions are more immediate and clear. It actually goes hand in hand quite nicely with the room focus changes I made. Other than that, have some training animations I got to recently clean up and confirm for working in-game!

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