Progress Update- Where Are We Now?

It’s been rough trying to come up with a blog post to share with you guys because some of the coolest stuff we’ve been able to do we aren’t necessarily able to show off properly. As I’ve teased in our last post- this includes sound effects and music, which we’ve officially implemented into the game. Currently, I’d describe Dimlight’s soundtrack as a mix between Animal Crossing and MySims. I think it’s pretty fitting with the kind of style we have and adds another layer of immersion to the final product.

Some of the other changes haven’t been as exciting, but still push our game for the better. For instance, we’ve been working with Nutaku to overhaul our cash shop elements to make them a bit more attractive and exciting.

The game’s dialogue system has also been overhauled to support new features such as animated entrances and exits. We’ve also incorporated a scroll log too!

As far as what you guys can look forward to in the future, here’s a quick mockup of some refined UI functionality we want to add. Right now it’s not too clear when a Gal is assigned to a room. In addition, the only way the player can tell how much energy a Gal has left is by clicking on her. This UI change should address both issues by highlighting assigned rooms and showing the assigned Gal’s energy.

We’re also toying around with either an additional goal system, or having this goal system tie in with our current mission system. Focus testing has shown that the “sandbox” nature of the game is confusing to many new players, so we’re trying to find ways to have the game feel more focused and goal driven. This is probably going to be the hardest part of the changes we need to make before we launch, but we’ll keep you guys updated! We’re also willing to take in feedback on what you guys think could work as well.

Anyways, that’s it for now! Sorry about the wait, but progress continues onward and the game continues to get closer to completion!

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