Launch Delay

 As much as it pains me to announce this so close to our soft launch date, we will be pushing back our launch date, probably closer to late August/early September. This is being done at the behest of Nutaku who would like to see us add a couple of more features before we launch. Our hands our tied on this one, however we do agree that the recommendations given to us by Nutaku will improve the quality of the game and the amount of content at launch.

What does this mean for you? A longer wait time, yes- but also more content and features to look forward to. While originally we were intending to launch without sound effects or music, this will now be one of the features which will be added in by launch. We’re also looking to improve the dialogue system, overhaul the current tutorial in the game, and possibly even add in that multiple-brothel prestige system we’ve mentioned in the past that we wanted to eventually add. While no promises can be made regarding that last one, we can assure that this delay will bring about more features in exchange for your continued patience. Additionally, this should mean a much smoother initial launch than some other recent releases with rocky starts.

As soon as Nutaku gives us the greenlight again I’ll let everyone know what the new scheduled launch dates are, but I won’t have that until I hear back and we get these features confirmed.

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