Dimlight City VS Fallout Shelter

We’re only a little over a month from launch- we’re very close to being done but also have a ton to work on still. However we continue to endeavor to ensure that our work revolves around our deadlines, instead of our deadlines being decided by our work. Not sure how easy that was to understand, but basically- we don’t intend to do the Early Access stalling thing and have a set time frame we intend to release by.

That being said, onto the main topic at hand- illuminating what makes Dimlight City different from Fallout Shelter. The genre of “tower builder” is far more than just Fallout Shelter, but we feel this is the best game to make distinctions from as it is the most relevant contemporary competitor to Dimlight City. The intent of this post is not to trash one game or build up the other, but rather point out the differences in the two games for those that are curious about what makes Dimlight unique from its competitors.

1. Distinct phases of game time.

In Dimlight City, the game takes place in one of two phases:

Day time, where the brothel is closed and the player is responsible for building rooms, managing Gals, and doing general book keeping.

Night time, where the brothel opens and the player observes the efficiency of their brothel while… well, jacking off. Or at least touching themselves a little bit.

Daytime effectively pauses the game until the player commences with Night time, making the game feel more “turn based” and strategic. This is a stark contrast from Fallout Shelter in which the flow of time is constant and ever marching forward. Our difference in approach greatly changes the core gameplay mechanics and feeling of Dimlight City.

2. A Main, Focused Narrative.

I’m going to come out and say that Fallout Shelter’s mission system hands down blows ours out of the water. (haha, blows) However, it was not implemented as it is now on launch and mainly consists of side stories.

Our mission system on the other hand focuses more on propping up a beefy visual novel-like main narrative, complete with graphic and sexy scenes featuring pornographic artwork. So while our missions lack the mechanical intrigue and depth of Fallout Shelter, our focus on our writing we hope makes up for it and does just as much to engage our players.

3. Complexity of Models and Animations.

Vault Dwellers do a lot of things in Fallout Shelter, and likewise have a lot of animations. However, these animations are usually simple and not very intricate. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but simply shows that the scope of Fallout Shelter is above that of any individual Vault Dweller.

Due to the nature of our game, the focus is very much on our cute Gals when possible. Because of this there is more detail to their sprites, they have more layers and joints for animation, and many animations feature custom parts and unique angles. We might not have as many animations, but we’ve put more detail and effort into any individual animation. Again- this is not necessarily a representation of quality, but rather one of style and scope.


Which game is better? I don’t know and can’t say. Each one has a different purpose and covers a different level of granularity despite sharing certain core concepts and mechanics. We feel each game is unique enough that they even work well together as each title has a different “itch” that it aims to scratch. By all means, play both!

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