Building System Revamp

While we never necessarily focused on it, if you guys have seen any of our older screenshots or .gifs, you’ve probably seen our building UI before. It’s been set in stone since pretty much the beginning of development, but it was proving to be more and more of a nuisance as time has gone by.

Playtesters were having a hard time noticing the build button, the UI elements are cramped and getting in the way of actual building, Unity had a hard time switching the scroll wheel to control the building UI instead of the zoom when both were available- it just ended up being kinda clunky.

So, we’ve taken a page out of another similar building game’s book and just decided to have the building UI take up most of the screen real-estate. Once the player selects a room, this menu goes away and the player is able to have full view of the brothel to be able to place their selection. We’re hoping that this overhaul makes building a much more fun and intuitive process than it was in the past.

Additionally, we’ve added a UI element for our “room skin” system we have planned. While you can certainly expect a couple of the standard recolors you see in most games at launch, we do have a couple of completely unique skins planned. These skins will be made available through crate drops which can be either earned in-game or with real money. If you contributed to Dimlight City during our Kimochi campaign then you will be your crates upon the game’s launch!

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