Giving The Rooms Some More Personality- Detailed Borders

While the developers continue sanding out the rough edges of the game, the art team has decided to revisit some older assets and do the same!

Because each room is so detailed and colorful, we’ve noticed that some of it starts to become jumbled together and messy. Specifically, the delineation between rooms was very ill defined. Ah-tan went ahead and added a thicker border to each room sprite to be able to have them stand out more. In addition to that however, he’s gone above and beyond and actually added in foreground details to the borders of each room. Elegant rooms now have decorative wood paneling, while more “behind the scenes” rooms have pipes sticking out for them for instance. There are a couple of other types of room details present, but we’ll leave it to you guys to discover when the game comes out!

We’ve also gone ahead and re-implemented perspective to the floor tiles in-engine. Before we were simply tiling the floor sprite, but we were able to make the change such that the perspective would end up working with the tiling. These are some pretty subtle changes, but we feel they make all the difference when it comes to crafting an intricate, beautiful brothel.

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