Creating the Denizens of Dimlight City

What comes first when creating a character- the writing or the design? Depending on the studio you ask, the answer is always different. Some studios prefer to come up with character designs first, then form a plot and personality around those. Others write out the whole thing then decide to tackle the visuals.

For Dimlight City however, we’ve done a mix of both. The visual aesthetic of the game came first. What it looked like, what kind of personality it was supposed to convey, the overall style of the game. Creativity and originality is important to my team and I when it comes to the presentation of a game.

From there Sexums came onboard and crafted the story we would be telling within this vibrant and colorful world we had created. The plot and characters were made to fit the aesthetic and types of things the artists wanted to draw. Thus when it finally came time to draw the characters, the setting and plot greatly shaped the final results. While much of the setting and lore behind the game will not be visible to players, establishing a consistent world and rules provided the boundaries by which the artists and writers were able to work within.

Anyways, next week I should be able to update the site with some more neat game features and UI elements we’ve been working on. Until then I figured I’d touch upon some of the character creation process as we finish up our NPC cast list and finish up our CG list.

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