Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I’ve been wanting to make another weekly blog post highlighting some cool new feature we’ve worked on. Only problem is- there haven’t really been “cool new features” for a bit over the past week or so. This is mostly a good thing though- as it means we’re finally to the point where we’re just adding in content and polishing up the game for launch.

While there are a couple of other features still yet to be put in place- namely the roofing system and lore system, we’re doing our best to finish up the core of the game before we go back to adding stuff.

Unfortunately, this does make it hard for me to find stuff to update you guys on. Rest assured, even if we don’t have anything new, I’ll still be popping in to let you guys know that we’re alive and there is progress. Right now things are looking good as we’ve been talking with Nutaku in preparation for our launch this summer.

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