Core Gameplay Demonstration

One of the most common requests we got during our Kimochi campaign was, “is there a demo available?” or “will I be able to play the game before I contribute?” While due to it’s status as a web-based free to play game we are unable to really deliver on a demo, we still did want to find a way to have people understand the heart of the game a little more. As such, I had Ahtan work on a mockup showing a single day/night cycle in the game.

Currently, the game itself possesses all of the functionality you see in this mockup, however it still needs some polishing up before launch. We’re basically at the stage where we’re just tweaking the game and getting it ready for launch, trying to focus on creating as much content as possible and avoiding new gameplay features.

Anyways, I hope this demonstration helps give a more accurate idea of how the game plays overall instead of just the individual, separate snippets we’ve been able to share so far. If you guys have any feedback feel free to hop on over to our Discord server and let us know!

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