Room Showcase: Costly Casino

This will most likely be the last room showcase for a while, as we don’t want to spoil all of the rooms. We want to leave a couple of surprised tucked away. Fret not though as we’ll still be posting our weekly game progress updates here though!

Anyways, I’ve decided to save one of the best for last. The Costly Casino is the final tier of the “entertainment” type room and combines elements from both the Boorish Bar and Stripper Stage into one gigantic and detailed piece. Here the player’s sexy Gals will be able to distract poor saps entering the brothel looking to win a bit of their money back. Clients will come looking to gamble, leaving with emptier pockets and maybe a blowjob for the road.

While we’ve shown off all of the mainline tiers to the entertainment rooms, there are still a couple of off-shoots players will be able to score in-game. As players go through the game and collect stolen panties they’ll be able to win special room skins through the Savor Crate system, some of which offer extended functionality past what the normal entertainment rooms can do.

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