Current Progress Snapshot

It’s been a week already? Wow, time definitely flies. Most of our work recently has been continuing to focus on the mission system, which we are close to finishing! Well, the core systems for it at least. We posted the map here last week, but now you get to see it in action up a little closer. As players progress through the story they will unlock other parts of the town along with the new missions and rewards that come with venturing into those new areas.

We’ve also completed a couple of touch-ups to the UI currently present in the game as we start shaping up and polishing what we already have. Ignore the cat ears coming and going, they are placeholders just to ensure we are able to support cat ears as layers. A lot of the UI design has been moving away from our original menu-based plans and moving into more of a dynamic on-screen style. The changes we made to the hiring hall a while back is probably the biggest example of what I’m talking about. All in all it’s a welcome change however as it makes the game feel less like an excel spreadsheet and more like, y’know, a game.

In other news, our Kimochi campaign has come to an end, earning us around $3,900 in total! Sure, it wasn’t our full goal, however upon further consideration we might’ve been a bit lofty in our aspirations. The money we’ve earned so far will still end up helping out a fair bit though. As we promised, we’ll be using the money in order to add content which free players can enjoy as well. As such, we’re going ahead and hiring on an artist to work on some CGs for our game. As you progress through the story line and meet our sexy NPCs, you’ll be able to get to see them get down and dirty in detailed VN-like scenes.

We ended up choosing CGs instead of more clothing or animations because it is an element which can be worked on in parallel to our current production pipeline and it adds more variety to the content in the game. We feel this will help bolster Sexums’ masterfully written plot and also, y’know… give player even more stuff to wank it to.

We launch in around three to four months. Since most adult games are known to have problems with launching on time- we’ll be making it a priority to do whatever we can to make sure the game is out by our deadline.

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