Room Showcase: Thorny Throne

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s a lot of lore to the world of Dimlight City. We’ve even drafted up a history of the world in order to have a more clear understanding of how the current geopolitical state of the world should look like. In an attempt to give a peek into this past, we’ve decided to include a “cosplay” room themed around the ancient throne rooms of the old Succubi clans.

Real life brothels sometimes offer themed bungalows, so we’re running with that concept in order to be able to justify rooms that otherwise don’t make much sense in a brothel. After all, who wouldn’t love to get sucked off by a busty babe (or three) while sitting on a throne?

Fun fact about this one is that the birds you see in this room are actually animated in the game, adding a slightly more lively touch to things. Going forward we would like to also see about potentially doing an entertainment room based off of a Daren waffle-house, but we’ll see how things go- so many potential rooms, only so much time.

Speaking of time, we’re on the last day and a half of our Kimochi campaign! If you’ve enjoyed our blog content and are looking forward to the game, your contribution will still be able to help us add even more rooms and content into the game at launch!

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