The World of Dimlight Continued

Might as well address the elephant in the room- Breath of the Wild came out today! Really feels bizarre working on and writing about our own game in the midst of such a huge game release. No spoilers coming from me, but the game is really inspirational. It provides much motivation for us to do our best to put as much care and love as we can into Dimlight City!

As for our weekly update, we were a bit silent last week as we were pushing out a much larger set of features to be able to show off today. The map of all of the districts of Dimlight City finally has been completed! Click the image below to be able to zoom in on it, you’ll need too as well as this map is pretty large. This is a really exciting moment in the development process as we finally are able to visualize and show off Dimlight City itself to other people.

It also allows us to begin implementing and finalizing the mission system in earnest. Attached is a picture of the refined mission system which utilizes our city map. In order to rank up your brothel, unlock new rooms, and progress through the main story, you’ll need to send out Gals to complete various missions. Most of them will involve sex, but some might involve espionage, brawling, or quick wit. You’ll need to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your Gals and train them so that they can be even more efficient at completing these tasks!

We’ve got a little over three months until our planned launch and so far everything is looking to fall in place. As always, we’ll keep you guys updated on our progress and will continue to have exciting stuff to show everyone!


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