Room Showcase: Boorish Bar

Last week I talked about the Stripper Stage and the function of non-sex rooms in Dimlight City. This week we’ll be looking at it’s predecessor, the Boorish Bar. Like the Stripper Stage, the Boorish Bar is one of the rooms which will actually bring in clients and where they’ll wait for their go with one of the sexy Gals. This will be one of the first rooms the player starts out with before they eventually upgrade into buying the Stripper Stage and the Costly Casino.

To me, the Boorish Bar is one of the most iconic rooms in the game, having been one of the first ones designed. Initially, the first draft of the bar had the little arch hallway you see in the background. While it definitely stands out and looks nice, it didn’t make much sense with how we handle the perspective of rooms in the game since the hallways are in front of the rooms, not behind them. Nevertheless, the second version of the room came back with the arch, and eventually the final version as well. It just had so much character and defined the room so much that despite it not making much sense, the entire team more or less agreed, “yeah, that just feels right.”

As mentioned before, the next room in the entertainment series is the Costly Casino, and boy, let me tell you it’s a doozy. I probably won’t be tackling it on next week’s room showcase, but I might drop it in Twitter sometime, as I’m really proud of it. Also be on the lookout for the completed Dimlight City map as that’s going up here real soon!

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