Room Showcase: Stripper Stage

Our senior developer, JimmyJihn, has a knack when it comes to special effects in Unity. Whether he’s working with particles or lighting, he’s always trying out something new. He’s actually been able to implement a dynamic bloom system into Dimlight City to be able to handle glowing elements in the game. Wanting to make use of such systems we decided to design a couple of rooms with some cool light gimmicks that will let him have some fun.

While the image above doesn’t feature any of the in-game effects, it should still be easy to imagine how and where those effects would be applied. In addition to having a glowing stripper pole, we’re also planning on having spotlights shine down from above, illuminating the Gal. Those running toasters need not worry however, as the special bloom and lighting effects can be turned off in the options menu.

This type of room is an entertainment room, where guys will go to sit down before spending some time with a Gal. These rooms are important to the ecosystem of any brothel as they are responsible for actively attracting clients to the brothel. As far as “tier” goes, this one is in the middle, with a normal bar being the first and a casino being the last. I’ll probably be showing them eventually in this weekly segment!

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