Two New Districts and the Guys of Dimlight

A bit late this week, was spending some extra time getting these new materials in!

As always, our lead animator and architect, Ahtan, has been hard at work finishing up the isometric map of Dimlight City we’ll be using for the mission system. He’s just completed Floptown and is nearly done with the Quarter of Grime. Only Gold Standard is left, then we’ll be creating a bunch of unique buildings and landmarks to throw around the city to spruce it up a bit. As soon as we have the finished, complete, isometric map of Dimlight City, we’ll be sure to throw it up here and let you guys check it out!

Additionally, we’re done some touchups to the Guys of Dimlight City and have more stuff to show you on that end. It should be obvious that while Gals are your 
workers in the brothel, Guys are the clients. Guys also have a slight level of procedural generation in their face and hair, though for simplicity’s sake they will all share the same outfit- albeit different color variations of that outfit. Guys in real life don’t change their outfits up all that much compared to girls generally, so we feel this shouldn’t look too off.

Despite what I had originally thought, the guy on the left was not actually inspired by Yoshikage Kira. We’ve accidentally Jojo’d- so no, that is actually not a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure reference unfortunately, though our team is indeed fond of the series.

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