Room Showcase: Crowdfunding Couch

If this room doesn’t look familiar to you, then you are a sweet, innocent little angel. Probably. While we can certainly say that this isn’t the only porn inspired “meme” room to be featured in Dimlight City, it probably is the most recognizable.

As should be fairly obvious, we’ve put a little spin on this room to make it fall in line with the current branding for Kimochi Red Light. Anyone who has been following us for a while will know we have a campaign live up there. We came up with this room in an attempt to liven up the $15 and $35 contribution tiers, which we felt were a bit lacking. Now this room can be found as an exclusive reward for Kimochi backers!

More then just a sexy couch with a sordid history, this room will feature a passive bonus. Since crowdfunding is an effective way to raise funds for cool stuff- this room will be used to create crowdfunding videos for your brothel in Dimlight City! As such, the higher your brothel level the more returns you’ll be able to expect from this room. After all, higher brothel level = more reputation from inside Dimlight City. More reputation equals more backers, dig?

Originally, Bizu had suggested an upside down throat fucking animation to take place in this room. Due to size constraints however, the table might get in the way of that so we might have to switch to some sort of reverse lapfucking animation. Since the room is a new addition, the animation is not finalized yet unlike most other rooms. Rest assured though, once we get some action going in the room we’ll be sure to show it off to you guys in it’s full, sexy glory!

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