Building The World Of Dimlight

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If you browse around the site and the Kimochi campaign, you’ll see little snippets regarding the story. We recently got a bunch of work done on the dialogue system, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to go into the plot and world of Dimlight City just a little bit deeper. After all, there’s certainly plenty to get into.

As general director of the team, I have a confession to make- I adore traditional gaming. I play a bit of everything, board games, card games, wargames, but most of all- tabletop RPGs. I’m a bit of a “forever GM” and as such, my favorite settings are ones with plenty of plot hooks and potential side stories to be told. This is why when I first had a chance to sit down and talk about the narrative direction of Dimlight City with Sexums, I requested the world itself have backstory and a decent amount of lore.

While we certainly don’t want our game to beat you over the head with a glossary of terms and factions to memorize, we felt it was vital to at least create content for those who wanted to dimlight city mapdig a bit deeper. After all, as much as I love lore myself, it’s rarely the lore that drives me to the content in the first place, it’s got to deliver a solid core experience. However, there’s nothing quite like being able to get lost in the world of something you enjoy.

While Dimlight City itself is rather large with a variety of districts contained within it, there’s even more that exists outside the borders of the large island city. The Salvadore Republic is run brothel game world mapby a cabal of the undead, female Hyoo knights keep the peace in Augustine, and Yeti construct technological monstrosities up north.

Each of these nations and races have their own histories and interactions with each other. While not vital to the backstory of the game, these larger details help define the world and its inhabitants. Sexums has been able to use the large backstory we’ve crafted in order to color the constant inter-species interactions in the game.

Our goal is to use a steady stream of continuous updates and events to be able to explore side stories both within the city, and outside of it- in the world of Menage A Trois. While the scope of our game is still constrained to that of one lecherous brothel manager, we’re confident that we have many stories which we’ll be able to share at both launch and the months after.

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