Room Showcase: Cluttered Cabin

brothel bunk room

Another Monday, another room showcase! We’ve talked a bit about hiring Gals, but where do they go when they’re not servicing clients? In Dimlight City, Gals actually live on the grounds of the brothel. Why? Well, it’s cheap, it’s very close to where they work, and the brothel will eventually be able to accommodate expansions which include a five star restaurant, a casino, and even an indoor pool. So when you think about it, why wouldn’t you want to live within the confines of the luxury mega-complex we loosely call a brothel?

Because of this, in order to hire more Gals, you must actually build rooms for them to live in. The Cluttered Cabin is one of the earlier tiers of this type of room and thus is sufficiently messy and run down. When you get further into the game you will be able to unlock larger living quarters which not only hold more Gals, but look nicer as well.

The Cluttered Cabin has a funny story surrounding it. In the original sketch, our art director, Bizu, had originally specified that a couple of “toys” should be hidden under the beds in the room. Our environmental artist, BJ Hardon, decided to have a bit of fun with that instruction. If you look closely under the beds now you’ll find two action figures closely resembling characters from a popular fighting game franchise. Yeah, BJ’s a cheeky motherfucker- but we love him for that!

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