Hiring System Expanded / Updates To Our Kimochi

At first, we figured having dynamic rooms with UI elements would be something very hard for us to figure out and get sorted. As we’ve learned however, it’s actually not bad a task for the developers to go at. As such, we’re refining some of the current menu-based elements we have in the game for more elegant solutions. (also, a sneak peek at the succubi Gals!)

For instance, we’re now dedicating an entire room to the hiring of Gals. Now instead of a menu popping up like in our .gifs, the camera will shift focus on the hiring room and the Gals currently waiting for inspection. What’s more is that these Gals will come and go as they please over time. So if you don’t want to hire any of the Gals currently on offer, just keep playing the game and eventually a new Gal will walk in to take the spot of one of the others.

This is actually kind of big for us because not only does it allow us to be able to have a reason to fit more rooms into the game, it also lets us have a lot more fun with how we handle the “training” of Gals within the game. Right now the plan is to have rooms specifically set aside to train Gals in one of three skills- Strength, Cleaning, and Charm. Premium Gals put in these rooms act as teachers for the other Gals. However, now all of the training related UI elements can actually be featured in the room.

Additionally, we’ve gone ahead and made a couple of changes to our Kimochi page! First off, we noticed that the reward for the $15 tier wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be. To remedy that I sat down with BJ Hardon, our environment designer, and assigned him the task of creating a brand new Kimochi exclusive room available to $15+ backers!

More than just the “buff” of the existing tiers, we’ve also gone ahead and added a completely new tier! If you wanted to add something to the game, but didn’t want to go as far as adding a Premium Gal (or Guy), then we’ve got just the thing for you! I think. We’re now also offering backers the chance to work with our artist to add an outfit to the game!

We’ve also gone ahead an updated a lot of the assets found on our Kimochi page. Now where possible, we’ve been adding .gifs to our page to better show off the game. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so an animated one is probably worth… iunno, a hundred thousand? Hopefully this helps provided a clearer image of the game, but if not- feel free to hop into our Discord and ask us questions as usual!

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