Room Showcase: Rental Room

Since we have the great fortune to be working with the fantastic environmental artist, BJ Hardon, I want to try and carry on a weekly segment featuring his rooms for a while.

First up on the list is the Rental Room- the very first room concept created and finished!

What is the purpose of the rental room? Well… fucking! You see, there are generally three types of rooms in Dimlight City. Fuck rooms, dosh rooms, and cleaning rooms. You can kind of guess what goes on in each one. The rewards and purpose of each type of room is very different, and thus forces players to have to carefully balance which rooms they decide to build.

As players progress through the game, they unlock better versions of each type of room that take up more space, but also dole out increased resources. The very first tier of each room is just a tiny square, much like the room you see here. When discussing the theme we felt was appropriate for this humblest of rooms, we settled on something that would strike a mix between a booth at a Japanese “pink salon” (go google it) and a VIP area in a strip club.

The original sketches for most of the rooms were actually rather spartan and minimalist. Much like Boku No Slave Brothel before us, the team’s focus was aimed squarely at the animations. Once we brought on the magnificent BJ Hardon however, he completely overhauled the original room art and showed us just how much we’d be missing by forsaking smaller details. As you can see, the rental room has improved much since it’s original iteration. The octopus in the tank even has a layer which makes it possible for us to animate it!

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