WE’RE ALIVE / Procedural Gal Generation 101

As if the result of a mad scientist cranking the lever on some esoteric machine, the Dimlight City website and Kimochi campaign has come to life! We’re both proud and incredibly excited to be able to finally bring our creation out into the light and show it off.

However, unlike Frankenstein(‘s monster), we hope you treat our creation with kindness and respect. We’ll do our best to return the favor by keeping this area of the site updated with news and progress!

For instance, check out this awesome .gif provided courtesy of Dimlight’s art director, Bizu.

You see, all of the sprites in our game are actually given to our developers in greyscale- all of the actual colors are generated in the game at run-time. You see, the greyscale there is to dictate where the shading is for the procedurally generated colors.

You might be asking, “wait if the assets are supposed to be greyscale, what’s with all of the color in the hair?” That is a very good question because the color seemingly contradicts everything I just pointed out. However, you see, when colors are applied at run-time, they’re applied as a multiply over the color of the current sprite.

Basically what this means is that Bizu is a genius and that Gals in Dimlight City will be able to generate in all sorts of trippy color combinations such as that shown off to the right. We feel this adds a lot more personality to the Gals and will help make each Gal feel more unique, despite non-premium Gals being procedurally generated.


Additionally, Bizu has been playing around with the concept of adding in “textures” to certain hair sprites to add even further personality. The squares you see on this bottom most right image aren’t the back of the image editing software- those are actually baked into the sprite. Pretty cool right?

I’m pretty sure what we’re doing here hasn’t been done by any other porn game- and very few mainstream games. We hope you guys also share our enthusiasm for this unique style!

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