What is Dimlight City: Brothel Builder?

Dimlight City is a free-to-play game about corporate warfare which allows players to build their very own brothel and partake in debauched sex escapades, all in an attempt to rise to the rank of brothel guildmaster.

Robust Building System!

Ever wanted to run a brothel? Now you can! Put on your creative cap and design your very own cathouse with our easy to use drag-and-drop building system! If you can dream it up, you can probably build it!

With over 20 types of rooms to unlock as you rise through the guild rankings, the possible combinations are endless!

What will you end up creating?

Recruit Sexy Vixens!

A brothel is only as good as the talented girls who work there!

Scout out the sexiest Gals and ask them to work for you! Watch them get down-and-dirty for you back at the brothel. Train them to improve their technique and earn yourself even greater renown with the guild!

Things will definitely be getting steamy!

Complete daring missions!

With all of the eyes of the world on you, people of power will visit with special requests only your Gals can fulfill. Make an impression and make sure your influential clientele keep coming back!

It doesn’t end there though. In the dog eat dog world of the sex industry, your competition is stiff. You will have to do whatever you must in order to stay ahead of the competition by sending out your Gals to spy, seduce, and sabotage.

Make the city your playground
Meet the NPCs


Rough around the edges, shady, and bull headed- Jonah is new to the brothel business and is ready to take on any and all comers.

He might be a bit slow at times and most of his decisions are made with his dick, however his heart is in the right place.


Enigmatic and efficient, L4R4 is the most well known brothel magnate in all of Dimlight City. However as Jonah comes to learn, when it comes to competition she’s ruthless and biting.

However, this doesn’t stop Jonah from firmly setting his eye on her in the hopes of one day eventually sweeping her off her feet (and onto a bed.)

She constantly stands in the way of Jonah’s brothel, doing her best to shut it down or impair its growth whenever possible.


An eternally smarmy representative of the brothel guild, Alex is the true mastermind behind Jonah’s operation. When it comes to paperwork, administration, or really anything that isn’t sex, Alex is there taking care of it behind the scenes.

Tired of L4R4’s near monopoly on the brothels of Dimlight City, Alex finds Jonah to be the perfect dark horse to support in order to bring a little more variety back into the sex industry of Dimlight.

Her favorite music genres are techo and trap, despite her seemingly very preppy fashion sense.

  • Broguy Development
  • Bizu Art Director
  • JimmyJihn Lead Development
  • BJ Hardon Environmental Artist
  • Ahtan Animator and Architect
  • FlynnFlann General Director
  • Sexums Dialogue and Scenario